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Meet Kendra

Greetings Lovers!

My name is Kendra Coleman and I provide help to those who are ready to take their lives to the next level! I am a Relationship Coach not only because it is my purpose to help others with their love life, but also because it brings joy to my life. Statistically, studies show that 3 out 10 black women and 5 out of 10 black men will never marry. Studies also show that the American divorce rate is at a high of 42% as of 2016.

Also, in relationships, many people use trial and error as their reference. I provide a listening ear, and then help you cultivate a happy, healthy, fulfilling relationships. Additionally, If you're single, I'm able to assist with attracting your life long partner.


As both a Relationship Coach, and a certified Reiki Master, I incorporate my background in metaphysics with my relationship coaching training to provide optimal service for all of my clients. The tools and resources that I use are tarot cards, Reiki, and crystals to help you maximize your present and future, while helping you sort out and release hindrances from the past.


I look forward to working with you.


Peace and Love from Kendra's Love Corner

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